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Electric Guitar Manual

Electric Guitar Setup: Learn to Adjust Your Guitar

Electric Guitar Setup

Easily Learn How to Electric Guitar Setup, and Get a FREE Precision Home Ruler, and Fingerboard Radius Gauges (See Bottom of Page).

The first thing we should examine when we buy a guitar, is to check that it does not touch any string on any fret.

If it were to rub against a string on the first fret, we would have a nut problem. In this case, the store that sold us the guitar would have to take care of replacing the nut with a well-adjusted one.

If the warranty of our guitar has expired, we can place a piece of aluminum foil under the string, to lift it slightly and thus solve the problem temporarily.

It is convenient to follow the order to Setup your Electric Guitar in the way that appears below. This way we will not have to touch up the settings already made previously.

Electric Guitar Setup: How to Adjust Guitar TRUSS ROD

Find out for an Optimal Adjustment of the Truss Rod or Curvature of the Neck of the Electric or Acoustic Guitar.

String Height of Electric Guitar: Setting ACTION

KNOW the Measurements of Height, and its Advantages and Disadvantages. How to give Curvature to the Strings with Respect to the Fingerboard of the Guitar.

Electric Guitar Setup: How to Adjust Intonation on an Electric Guitar

Learn how to adjust intonation on an electric guitar and factors that influence the optimal intonation of the guitar.

How To Set The Pickups Height of a Electric Guitar

How to Adjust the Height of the Pickups of the Electric Guitar (Single Coil and Humbucker). Measurements and Height of the Poles.

In order to calibrate our guitar, we will need some tools such as screwdrivers Allen keys, precision rule, and fingerboard radius gauges. The latter will guide us when adjusting the curvature of the strings, with the same layout as the fingerboard.

Below you can download the files in PDF to build a Precision Ruler, and Printable Fingerboard Radius Gauges.

Ruler to Measure Height of Guitar Strings

Ruler to Measure Height of Guitar Strings


Printable Fingerboard Radius Gauges

Printable Fingerboard Radius Gauges