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Electric Guitar Manual

Music Theory: Basic, Easy and Free

Music Theory

The Importance of Music Theory

Some think that their favorite guitarists never needed knowledge of music theory to be able to use their guitar through divine inspiration.

And although most famous guitarists were self-taught, it is also true that they had to have some knowledge of music theory in order to develop as musicians.

Another issue would be reading and writing music, known as music theory. On this topic, it is true that most of our favorite guitarists would not know how to read sheet music, let alone develop it. But although knowledge never hurts, they never needed music theory to create great compositions, even if they couldn’t read music.

Find in this section, everything basic and necessary in musical theory associated with the guitar, to take a step further in your knowledge as a musician and guitarist 💪

Music Theory: How to LEARN All THE NOTES on the Guitar

Method to Learn the Notes of the Guitar Neck: Situation and Distribution of the Notes, and their Octaves.

Music Intervals Theory

KNOW the Musical Intervals of the Diatonic Major Scale and the Natural Minor Scale. Dealing with the Musical Interval, the Tonal Space existing between Different Notes.

Musical Key: How to Find the Key of a Song

Musical Tonality: How to Know the Tonality of a Song or Musical Theme, something Fundamental to Know its Scale and Corresponding Chords.

Music Scales: Types

Different Musical Scales: Chromatic Scale, Modal Scales, Blues Scale, Harmonic Minor Scale, and Melodic Minor Scale.

Music Theory: Basic Guitar Chords

KNOW the Guitar Chords, and the Notes that compose them: Open, with Barre, Minor, Major, Suspended, Seventh…

Scale Notes Chart: Major and Minor

Tables with the notes of all the keys of the major and minor scale, indicating the chords corresponding to each degree of each scale.

CIRCLE of FIFTHS: What it Is and How to Use It Easily

Use of the circle of fifths for composition or to draw chords from a song.

Relative Key: Minor and Major

Relative minor: Concept, Calculation or Location, and How to use the Relative minor in our Benefit.

Music Theory: How to Harmonize the Major and Minor Scale

Know what TYPE OF CHORD to use for each degree of the Major Scale, Natural minor, Harmonic minor and Melodic minor.

Music Theory: How to Build Chords on Guitar

How the construction of chords works, why they adopt their different names, and what notes each one is made of.

Music Modes: What Are and How do They Function?

All the Greek modes, how to play in a specific mode and which scale to use for melodies or solos.

Music Modulation: What is and How do They Function?

How to go from one tonality to another. Modulations Near vs Remote Key.

Chord Dictionary

COMPLETE DICTIONARY OF CHORDS with Three Different Postures for each Chord, and with the Notes of which they are Composed.