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Guitar Chords: Different Positions – Dictionary

Guitar Chord

Guitar Chords in Different Positions

Complete Dictionary of Guitar Chords in Different Positions. Guitar CHORDS Sorted by Types, by Notes, and in All Keys of the chromatic scale: Majors, Minors, Seventh, Sixth, Ninth, Eleventh…

In the chord images, we find the position for each finger marked with a number. The image below shows the arrangement of each finger.

The black numbers at the bottom of the scheme mark the number of the fret, obviously starting to count from the nut. And the string that should not be played would be indicated by a red X, as it appears in the example image below.

As can be seen in the image below, on the left we find the chord with the notes from which it is formed, plus two complementary positions on the right, which we can use in different parts of the fingerboard.

This is an example of the Images that you will find in the Guitar Chord Dictionary, with the Three different Positions of the same chord, in three different areas of the neck.

The same chord in different positions

Guitar Chords: Different Types Menu

In this reference dictionary, you will LEARN a large number of Guitar chords easily. Since in the glossary that appears below, you have all the possible tonalities in 14 different types of chords, and in different areas of the fingerboard. There will be no guitar chord that can resist you.

Dictionary of Guitar Chords by Notes

You can also search for chords by notes, if that’s easier for you. Since, in this glossary you will be able to find 14 types of guitar chords in different positions, of the same note. It has all the tonalities of the chromatic scale, and also in three different parts of the fingerboard. Easier impossible 😉

You can also use the guitar chord generator.

How to Use the Chord Generator

In the button above on the left, you have the 12 musical tones of the chromatic scale. And right next to it you have different types of guitar chords to choose from.

All Guitar Chords

In the menu below the generator can show you more than 40 ways to place the same guitar chord (Voicing). It also shows you the position of the fingers (123), and the notes that make up the chord (ABC). If you click on the central circular icon ▶, you can hear the chord sound.

The chord generator can also show you chords for other instruments like Bass, Ukulele, and Mandolin in the bottom right icon .

Guitar Chord Generator

Beginner Guitar Chords

If you don’t quite know where to start, you can first review the Chords for Beginners. To Start It May Be More Than Enough.

KNOW the 4 Types of Guitar Chords for Beginners, with which you will be able to play everything, and they are also very easy to use. Apart from being the guitar chords most used by guitarists, whether they are amateurs or professionals.

Major Chords

The Major Chords have a bright and cheerful sound, there being a great consonance between the notes that make up a major chord.

Major Guitar Chord

The major and minor chords would be the most basic and at the same time important. So, with these two types of chords, we can play almost any musical theme.

Minor Guitar Chords

Minor chords are made up of the same notes as a major chord, but with the third note or by a semitone lower (one fret). Consequently, this variation brings a darker and more mysterious sound compared to the major chord. As previously mentioned, the minor chords together with the major ones would be the main ones musically.

Minor Guitar Chord

Seventh Chords

The Seventh Chord (7) is another of the most used chords, and provides a tense sound. This type of chord is very frequently used in substitution of major chords, to obtain a different tone and resonance. The seventh chord is made up of the same notes as a major chord, but with the addition of a flatted seventh.

seventh guitar Chord

Minor Seventh Chords

Minor seventh chords have a very characteristic sweet sound, and are formed by adding the flattened seventh to a minor chord.

If seventh chords replace major chords, minor seventh chords are ideal to use in place of a traditional minor chord.

Minor Seventh Guitar Chord

How To Find Chords For a Song

Method to obtain the chords of a song, and to compose accompaniments. There will be no musical theme that will resist you.

How to Build Chords on Guitar

BECOME AN EXPERT in forming chords. Understand why they adopt their different names, and what notes each one is made of. Memorizing by understanding is always more productive when retaining that information.

Learn the BASIC Guitar Chords

Open and barre chords are the most basic chords that every guitarist must master. Consult them easily in real images, and with the notes of which they are composed.