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Electric Guitar Manual

Guitar Manual

Electric Guitar Manual is the website that every guitarist should know to become an expert in the guitar world: Musical Theory, Chords, Scales, Biographies, and Information on Related Equipment.

The Essential Guitar Manual: Beginner, Hobbyist, and Professional is a Simple but COMPLETE Manual to Learn to Play the Guitar, both for those who start from scratch, and for reference use by the more advanced.

In this Guitar Manual you will not only find all kinds of Chords, Scales, and their Execution Technique. But also the reason for its construction and structure. In this way, learning is facilitated, thanks to the understanding of the base of each chord or scale in its different types.

Guitar Scales

In this manual you can learn to play the guitar for free and at your own pace

Essential initiation section so that beginners can easily learn to play the guitar. In this section you will find information about the Basic Chords, in real images. In addition to schemes to Locate Harmonics, Standard and Alternative Tuning, or Graphs with all the Notes of the Guitar.

As well as to being able to tune our guitar with the Online Tuner, and learn to use our Metronome.

Basic Music Theory Without Excessive Complications

In this section you will find Tutorials on Musical Theory essential for understanding Keys, Intervals, Modes, Modulation, and Notes of the Major and Minor Scales. In addition to information on the Construction of Chords, and the use of the Circle of fifths. Take the definitive step as a musician, without excessive complications.

Beginner Guitar Chords: Play Easy and Fast

Discover the 4 Types of Chords that Will Allow You to Play Everything. These chords will be very easy for you to place and remember. In addition to being the essential guitar chords, they are part of the structure of other chords, such as barre chords. Start off on the right foot in the world of guitar.

There will be no Guitar Chord that will resist you!

COMPLETE GLOSSARY OF CHORDS of the entire chromatic scale. In other words, of all the possible tonalities, with three different positions for each chord, and with an indication of the notes of which each chord is composed.

Guitar Manual: chord dictionary

Guitar Scales Manual: The Best Charts

THE BEST CHARTS in large size of Scales for Guitar in different keys. Arrangement of the notes of each scale on the entire fingerboard, and indicating the situation of Tonic (1st), 3rd or Mediant, and 5th or Dominant.

Guitar Manual: Scales

Maintenance and Setup: Your Guitar Always in Top Shape

A section that will even save you money. Few things are as vital for the guitarist as the optimal MAINTENANCE and SETUP of our Electric Guitar. With sections such as string placement, improving the comfort of the instrument, fret crowning, guitar cleaning, fingerboard hydration, and of course the complete setup of the guitar.

Parts of the Electric Guitar: Information

Elements of the Electric Guitar (Guide): Pickups, Strings, Bridges, Woods, Nuts, Frets, Fingerboard, Neck, Tuning Pegs… Become an expert in electric guitar components, on a single page.