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Metronome Online

Metronome Online

With this FREE METRONOME ONLINE, you’ll be able to keep a steady beat anywhere. Since it is an online virtual metronome, compatible for both computers and smartphones.

How to Set the Tempo in BPM (Beats Per Minute)

The BPM of a musical theme is the tempo or speed of the rhythm of a song. These acronyms come from of “Beats Per Minute”.

Metronome- How to Set the Tempo in BPM

For example, if a song is at 120 BPM, it would be 120 beats per minute. In other words, the musical theme would have a tempo of two beats per second.

The different speeds of the tempo are usually indicated by Italian terms, and among the most common are those that appear in the following scheme:

Name BPM

How to Change Metronome Time Signature

In the button on the top left we can change the musical time signature. And the button on the right we can activate and deactivate the accentuation of each Time Signature.

How to Change Metronome Time Signature

Metronome Online

FREE Online Drum Metronome. Adapt the Rhythm to Your Needs Precisely and Easily. NOTHING BETTER for Maintain a Constant Rhythm.

When interpreting a piece of music without having a reference to its specific rhythm, we can accidentally vary our rhythm of execution, or play too slow or fast. In addition, depending on the technical difficulty of each particular passage, our continuity in interpretation may be affected, and we may acquire bad habits.

Well, this ONLINE METRONOME is the perfect tool so that the musician can get used to following a constant rhythm. This will force us to follow the rhythm during the most complicated passages, and will hold us back in the simpler passages.

The metronome is the hammer that forces us to continue, even if we make some kind of mistake.

In any case, we can adapt the tempo of the rhythm to our needs. Since we can slow down the tempo in our first lessons on a musical theme. Later we can progressively increase that rhythm, until we reach the correct tempo.

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