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Electric Guitar Manual

Guitar Tuner Online

Guitar Tuner

Enjoy the Online Guitar Tuner, FREE and without the need to do any type of installation on your computer.

How to Use the Online Guitar Tuner

You can use the Online Guitar Tuner, using the sound of each note of the guitar by playing the open strings (without pressing any fret), at the bottom of the tuner. This way you can hear the notes of each string of the Guitar one by one, for those who prefer to tune the guitar by ear.

Notes for Tuning the Guitar

If you prefer, you can use the microphone of your computer, tablet, or smartphone, by clicking on the central microphone-shaped icon. Then click accept or allow so that the tuner can access the microphone.

By clicking on the button at the top right, a menu will appear with different Alternate Guitar Tunings (Standard, Drop, Double Drop, Open…).

Different tunings for Guitar - Online Tuner

And if we click on the button at the top left, a menu will appear to be able to tune different instruments (Bass, Ukulele, Mandolin, Violin…).

Online Tuner for Different Instruments

Guitar TUNER Online

The tuner can also capture the sound of your guitar, through the microphone input of your computer, if it has such an input. You can use an adapter to the Jack plug of the guitar cable.

Adapter plug guitar pc computer

How to Tune a Guitar

LEARN How to TUNE the GUITAR Correctly, and to maintain a Stable and Longer Tuning.

One of the fundamental things when starting to learn to play the guitar is knowing how to tune it correctly. Since it is an instrument that goes out of tune very easily, especially when placing new strings, or due to the continued use of bending.

If the instrument is out of tune, even if we put our fingers where they should, it won’t sound right. And in the case of an electric guitar with a lot of distortion, good tuning is vital to enjoy an acceptable sound. How to Tune a Guitar

Metronome Online

Use Our Metronome Online, to keep a steady beat in your performances.

Sometimes when interpreting a piece of music without anything setting our rhythm, we can accidentally vary our rhythm of execution of the same piece of music, or during its interpretation, depending on the technical difficulty of each particular passage, being able to acquire bad habits.

Well, the METRONOME is the perfect tool for the guitarist to get used to following a constant rhythm. This will force us to follow the rhythm during the most complicated passages, and will hold us back in the simpler passages. The metronome is the hammer that forces us to continue, even if we make some kind of mistake. Metronome Online