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Electric Guitar Manual

Main Guitar Chords: Open and Barre

KNOW the Main Guitar Chords or Basic Chords: Open Chords and with Barre, Majors, Minors, Seventh and sus4.

Main Guitar Chords

Main Guitar Chords: Open Chord

The open chords are possibly the Main Guitar Chords, and the easiest to place. In the case of the chords that we can place in the upper part of the fingerboard, helping us for its execution, of the notes open. For this reason it would be very easy to make these types of chords sound good.

90% of the chords, of 90% of the songs, use and are based on open chords (C – D – E – G – A). But by learning the open chords, we will not only be able to play a large number of songs, but we will also be able to create other chords such as barre chords. This last type of chord is basically an open chord, which we can play in a more advanced part of the fretboard.

Main Guitar Chords: C Major Open
D Major Open Chord
G Major Open Chord

The most used barre chords are based on the open chords of E and A.

Main Guitar Chords E Major Open
A Major Open Chord

Just by modifying one note of the Major chords of D, E and A, we will have Minor Chords, Suspended Fourth and Seventh.

D minor open chord
A7 Chord

Main Guitar Chords: Barre Chord

The missing chords to complete the scale are F and B, and they are barre chords based on the open E chord, and on the Open A chord. Click on the link at the end of the paragraph, If you want to know more about the with Barre Chords.

Main Guitar Chords E Major Open
F Barre Chord
A chord guitar
B major

Note: in the B Major chord, it can be seen how we can use the little finger to put pressure on the third finger, and thus be able to press more forcefully and comfortably.

Other Bar Chords

The E and A chords are the chords from which we can get the most juice, since a large number of barre chords emanate from them, and offer numerous possibilities: Major, minor, seventh, sharp, flat chords…

Using barre chords based on the open E and A chords will open up the possibility of playing more complex tonalities, and easily changing tonality. And although the concept of barre chords is very easy to assimilate, our qualities as a guitarist will increase exponentially 💪

G major barre chord
F Sharp Minor Guitar Chord
F7 Chord
B Flat Minor Guitar Chord

How to Play a Guitar Chord Well

When playing a chord correctly, we must be careful to keep all the strings in their original position (parallel), without stretching them, since when stretching the string it will lose its correct intonation, and the chord will sound out of tune. This mistake is very common among those who start to play, but it is something that we must correct little by little.

Chord Finger Placement

Music Theory: Basic, Easy and Free

Notes, Tonality, Intervals, Chord Formation, Major and Minor Scale, Circle of Fifths, Harmonization, Modulation, Modes.