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4 Beginner Guitar Chords

4 Beginner Guitar Chords

KNOW the 4 Types of Guitar Chords for Beginner, with which you can play everything, and they are also very easy to use. Apart from being the guitar chords most used by guitarists, whether amateurs or professionals.

Beginner Guitar Chords: 4 Different Types

Major Guitar Chords for Beginners

Major Chords have a bright and happy sound, with great consonance between the notes that make up a major chord. These notes would be the main or tonic note that gives its name to the chord in question (Green Color), the middle or third note counting from the tonic (Yellow Color), and the dominant or fifth note (Blue Color).

The major and minor chords would be the most basic and at the same time important. With these two types of chords we can play practically any musical theme.

Beginner Guitar Chords: C major
d chord
e chord
Beginner Guitar Chords: f major
G chord
Beginner Guitar Chords: A major
B chord

Minor Guitar Chords for Beginners

Minor chords are made up of the same notes as a major chord, but with the third note a semitone lower (one fret). This variation provides a darker and more mysterious sound compared to the major chord. As mentioned above, the minor chords, together with the major ones, would be the main ones musically.

Cm Chord
Beginner Guitar Chords: D minor
Em Chord
Fm Chord
Gm Chord
Beginner Guitar Chords: A minor
Bm Chord

Seventh Chords

The Seventh Chord (7) is another of the most used chords, and provides a tense sound. This type of chord is very frequently used to replace major chords, to obtain a different tone and resonance. The seventh chord is made up of the same notes as a major chord, but adding a flat seventh.

C7 Chord
Beginner Guitar Chords: D7
E7 Chord
Beginner Guitar Chords: F7
G7 Chord
A7 Chord
Beginner Guitar Chords: B7

Minor Seventh Chords

Minor seventh chords are formed by adding the flat seventh to a minor chord. These types of chords have a very characteristic sweet sound.

If seventh chords replace major chords, minor seventh chords are perfect to use in place of a traditional minor chord.

Cm7 Chord
Beginner Guitar Chords: Dm7
Em7 Chord
Fm7 Chord
Gm7 Chord
Beginner Guitar Chords: Am7
Bm7 Chord

Learn the BASIC Guitar Chords

Open and Barre Chords are the Main Chords that every guitarist must master. Easily consult them in real images, and with the notes of which they are composed.