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Electric Guitar Manual

Basic Guitar Chords

Basic Guitar Chords

BASIC Guitar Chords Menu: Main, Major, Minor, Suspended, Barre, Seventh, and Ninth Chords.

Open Chords

The open chords are possibly the Main Chords, or the Basic Chords. Is the case of the chords that we can place in the upper part of the fingerboard, helping us for its execution of the open notes.

Main Guitar Chords: Open and Barre

Basic Guitar Chords: Presentation of the Main Open Chords and with Barre, with the Notes of which they are Composed.

Major Chords Guitar: Beginners Guide

The Major Chords are made up of three notes, the Tonic (1st) that gives its name to the chord, the Dominant (5th) and the Mediant (3rd). For example: to get a C Major chord we need a C (1st), a G (5th note of the C Major scale) and an E (3rd note of the C Major scale). Images and Structure of the open Major Chords.

Minor Chords Guitar: Beginners Guide

The difference between a minor chord and a major chord is that the 3rd note of the minor chord is a semitone lower. For example: if we have a C# as the 3rd in an A major chord, in an A minor chord we will have a C. Images and Structure of Open Minor Chords.

Guitar Barre Chords for Beginners

Execution and bases of the fundamental barre chords.

Suspended Guitar Chords (sus4)

Composition of the Suspended Fourth Chords, and Seventh Suspended Fourth.

Seventh Chords (7)

The case of the seventh chords (7) is different with respect to the major and minor chords. Since these chords add a fourth note to the three of which the Major, minor and sus4 chords are composed. If we want to build a chord of 7, we will have to introduce in a Major chord, the flat seventh note of the chord in question. Composition of the Seventh and Minor Seventh Chords.

Ninth Chords (9)

Composition of the Ninth and Minor Ninth Chords.

Chord Dictionary

COMPLETE GLOSSARY OF CHORDS with Three Different Postures for each Chord, and with the Notes of which they are Composed.