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A Blues Scale: Minor and Major

A Blues Scale for Guitar: Master one of the most used guitar scales in all musical genres, with the Best Charts.

The Blues Scale is based on the minor pentatonic scale, with the addition of what is known as the Blue Note.

This note was introduced by African slaves brought to North America, for the creation of one of the most influential genres in the development of American popular music: The Blues.

The blue note became part of musical genres such as jazz, bluegrass, rhythm and blues, rock and roll, funk, pop, heavy metal, hip-hop, and country music. Representing the influence of African musical scales on North American popular music.

The note added to the minor pentatonic scale would be a diminished 5th, or augmented 4th. In other words, simply adding the note that is between the 4th and 5th degree of a minor pentatonic scale, we would obtain a Blues Scale. Also known as the minor pentatonic blues scale, or hexatonic blues scale.

Blues Scale on Guitar

This note can be used at discretion, although it is usually used mainly as a passing note between the 4th and 5th degree of the scale. Providing the flavor and expressiveness characteristic of blues music.

This scale is obviously one of the most used in the Blues genre, but don’t get confused. Since it is also used in practically all modern musical styles, just like the minor pentatonic scale, but with the added sophistication of the blue note.

Scale widely used by the famous Metal guitarist Dimebag Darrell, or for example in the well-known musical phrase of the song “Calling Elvis” performed by Mark Knopfler.

A Minor Blues Scale

In the Image Below you have A Blues Scale, and the Notes of which it is Made Up. The Blue Note stands out in Orange.

A minor (Am) Blues Scale Guitar

Whenever we refer to the blues scale, we do so to the Blues minor scale. But there is also the major Blues scale, or major Blues pentatonic scale, obviously to be used in songs with major keys. This scale has the same structure as the major pentatonic scale, but adding the blue note located between the 2nd and 3rd degree of the major pentatonic scale.

Blues Scale Pentatonic - Blue Note

A Major Blues Scale

In the Image Below you have the A Blues Scale Major, and the Notes of which it is Made Up. The Blue Note stands out in Orange.

A Major Blues Scale Guitar

Colors Used for Each Degree of the Scale

In the following menu you have the Blues Scale in the entire guitar fretboard, in seven keys, and both major and minor:

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