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DiMarzio Pickups for SUPERSTRAT Guitar

The Best DiMarzio Brand SUPERSTRAT Guitar PICKUPS (GUIDE): Humbucker, Single Coil, Rails, and Stack Models.

The guitars known as Superstrats were developed to meet the extreme demands of Heavy Rock guitarists. A very particular guitar model, which mixes different qualities of the classic electric guitar models, apart from adding new features, to try to take everything to another level.

The standard or most used pickup models in this type of guitar would be the high-gain double-coil pickups, known as Humbuckers. Primarily in a two-pickup configuration, known as the HH configuration. Although it is very common to find other types of pickup configurations such as the HSH, or the HSS.

Different Pickup Configurations for Superstrat Guitar

One of the most popular manufacturers of pickups for this type of guitar is the DiMarzio brand. Well known mainly for its high output pickups, which will delight the most forceful guitarists.

Humbucker DiMarzio Pickups for SUPERSTRAT Guitar

DiMarzio Evolution

One of the most popular models of DiMarzio pickups for Superstrats is the DiMarzio Evolution (DP159 for bridge and DP158 for neck). Crafted after two years of research to meet Steve Vai’s demands for his Ibanez Jem.

DiMarzio Evolution pickups

This pickup model is designed with ceramic magnets for higher output performance. Its sound is powerful and defined, with spectacular harmonics, and magnificent sustain.

Equalization DiMarzio Evolution Pickups

Steve Vai used to use these pickups in conjunction with a DiMarzio ISCV2 Evolution single pickup in the center position. This type of pickup mounts alnico V magnets and delivers a medium output, which increases the versatility of the instrument.

DiMarzio Pickups: Crunch Lab DP228

Like a good Shredder guitarist, John Petrucci cannot miss the installation of high-gain DiMarzio ceramic pickups for the bridge position, such as the Crunch Lab DP228.

Output and tone of Pickup DiMarzio Crunch Lab

As John has stated, this pickup generates the best sound for his style of music, both live and in the studio. The name of these pickups can give us a hint of the high-gain sound they produce, but with a balanced tone that isn’t thin or muddy.

The original placement of this pickup is with the bar attached to the bridge of the guitar. But John usually places it in the reverse position, for a less penetrating tone.

DiMarzio LiquiFire DP227

Equalization DiMarzio LiquiFire

Petrucci pairs this pickup with a LiquiFire DP227 for the neck position, mounted with alnico V magnet. The LiquiFire has a not-too-thick tone to favor the overdriven sounds typical of a lead guitarist, and has a clear tone for chords in clean settings.

If the output of the Crunch Lab is not enough for us, we have the DiMarzio Super Distortion DP100. A true classic of a high-gain ceramic pickup, and the first pickup designed in the early 1970s to drive a tube amp to full overdrive.

Output and tone of Pickup DiMarzio Super Distortion

This pickup model is the standard by which all other high-output pickups are measured. Since we are talking about one of the best high output pickups in history. Used by countless guitarists such as Phil Collen from Def Leppard, or Adrian Smith from Iron Maiden.

The Super Distortion has extreme output and punchy bass, yet maintains a great balance between tone and power, and performs optimally on both single notes and chords.

DiMarzio PAF Pro DP151

The DiMarzio PAF Pro DP151 is made with Alnico V magnet and its motto is versatility. The PAF Pro has a medium output, suitable for placement in any position, and for any type of guitar.

Output and tone of Pickup DiMarzio PAF Pro

In the neck position we will obtain presence and a transparent tone that will avoid a cloudy sound. It can be accompanied by almost any high gain pickup in bridge position.

But the DiMarzio PAF Pro is also an exceptional pickup in the bridge position when high output isn’t required. A very effective pickup in that position, in combination with simple coil pickups. Since the PAF Pro isn’t overpowered, it won’t drown out the sound of a single coil, and is bright enough to mix well with the defined tone of a single coil pickup.

Paul Gilbert uses the DiMarzio PAF Pro in both positions, accompanied by a DiMarzio DP110 FS-1 single-coil pickup in the center position. The DP110 features an alnico V magnet, but has a thicker, more powerful sound than a traditional single coil pickup.

DiMarzio Pickups: DP193 Air Norton

The DiMarzio DP193 Air Norton is also suitable for placement in any position. And while this model was designed to be placed in the bridge position, its most popular placement is in the neck position.

Equalization DiMarzio Air Norton pickup

The Air Norton mounts alnico V magnet, and has a medium output, but somewhat lower than the PAF Pro. With what you get a punchy sound that is not excessively distorted, but with a lot of sustain and harmonics that are quite unusual in a pickup for neck.

Used in that position on John Petrucci’s Ibanez JMP100 alongside a DiMarzio Steve’s Special in bridge position.

Or by the former Anthrax guitarist (Rob Caggiano), alongside a DiMarzio EHWRC2 RC Custom in bridge position for his LTD Signature model (ESP LTD RC-600 Rob Caggiano).

DiMarzio DP155 The Tone Zone

Another pickup Paul Gilbert likes is the DiMarzio DP155 The Tone Zone. But even though this pickup is mounted with alnico V magnets, it is a high-output bridge pickup.

Equalization DiMarzio The Tone Zone Pickup

The DiMarzio Tone Zone makes a great combination with an Air Norton or PAF Pro for neck position. Also, this model produces an excellent single coil pickup sound, when we use this humbucker in split mode.

DiMarzio Rails Pickups for Superstrat Guitar

DiMarzio Rails Pickups for Superstrat Guitar

If we only have space on our guitar for a single pickup, we can find the most famous DiMarzio humbucker models, in rails format (The Tone Zone, Air Norton, Super Distortion, etc…). Very useful to have a powerful sound without hum very similar to that of a double coil pickup, and we will avoid cumbersome installation problems.

Pickups for Superstrat: DiMarzio Stack Humbucker

We can also choose the Stack Humbucker models for a Superstrat guitar, which would be nothing more than a double coil pickup to eliminate the classic hum of single coil pickups, but instead of having two parallel coils, they are located one on top of the other.

Stack DiMarzio Pickup for Superstrat Guitar

Serie Area

Among the different models of pickups of this type from the DiMarzio brand, we have the Area 58 mounted with alnico II magnets. This pickup model has a wide dynamic range and a very defined sound that behaves very well both in chords and solos, as well as in clean and distorted sounds.

The Area series has several models such as the Area 61 and Area 67 with very similar equalization, but with some slight variations in terms of output. The model with the highest output is the Area 61. Very appropriate to place in the bridge position next to a pair of Area 58 or Area 67 pickups for a Stratocaster.

DiMarzio HS-2

If we need a greater load of bass, we have one of the most iconic models of the brand: the DiMarzio HS-2 with alnico V magnets. The first model developed in the early 80s by DiMarzio, as a replacement in humbucker format for Strat models.

The HS-2 features a traditional-style low output, with a cleaner, brighter sound than a humbucker in dual-coil mode. In addition, it offers a great sound in coil split mode in the purest vintage style.

In the HS series we can find other models such as the HS-3 and HS4, although the differences with respect to the HS-2 are very slight.

To have a higher output, we have the Injector models in version for bridge and neck mounted with alnico II magnet.

The highest output stack model is the Virtual Solo with an output of 205 mV, mounted with alnico V magnets.

The qualities of the active pickups make it another very appropriate pickup model for the Superstrat Guitar. You have a link at the end of the line if you want to know more about the characteristics and qualities of the ACTIVE PICKUPS.

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