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Guitar Pickups: Different Types

Guitar Pickups: Different Types

Later on, a complete menu will appear in which the different types of guitar pickups, their magnets, different outputs, configurations, etc. appear… But first I wanted to show you the function of the Push-Pull system, and the difference between Coil Split and Coil Tap.

Guitar Pickups: Coil Split and Push-Pull Pot

This Coil Split system divides the Humbucker pickups for use as a Single, thus increasing the versatility of the instrument. Although not all double-coil pickups would work, the humbucker having to have four wires coming out of the coils to be able to make them divisible through a Push-Pull potentiometer (image on the left).

Push-Pull Pot or Lever Switch

The pots designed with this system are usually very small and soft, making it possible to change the tone of the guitar very easily accidentally. Being more advisable to install a normal large potentiometer, and make the division of the pickup through an independent switch (image above right).

Guitar Pickups: What is “Coil Tap”?

Do not confuse the term Coil Split with the name Coil Tap, which would be the division or cancellation of part of the winding of a generally high-output single pickup, in order to use it at the same time with less output, obtaining sounds closer to a Single. Vintage-style coil.

Guitar Pickups What is Coil Tap

Obviously the pickup must have been previously designed with this quality, resulting in these models being more expensive than the standard ones, being recognizable for having three wires coming out of the coil, instead of two. So be careful with this, to see if you are going to waste money on a simple pickup with three threads without the intention of using the Coil Tap.

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