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Electric Guitar Manual

Guitar Maintenance and Setup

Guitar Maintenance

Few things are as vital for the guitarist as the optimal MAINTENANCE and SETUP of our Electric Guitar.

To begin with, one of the best maintenance that we can do to our guitar is to avoid solar radiation, excess humidity and excessive dirt as much as possible. It is highly advisable to clean the guitar after playing, both the strings, the body and the neck.

Clean strings will prevent excessive wear on the frets and allow better gliding of the fingers. But over time the frets will inevitably end up slightly worn on the top, requiring fret crowning to be applied to the fretboard.

Below you have the links that explain how to carry out optimal Maintenance and Setup of the Electric Guitar, so that our instrument performs perfect.

Guitar Maintenance: How to Change Guitar Strings

How to String Your Guitar Correctly on Standard Tuners, Locking and Vintage Kluson. A very important factor when it comes to maintaining stable tuning, or even improving the resonance of the instrument.

Guitar Maintenance: How to Change Guitar Strings

Electric Guitar Setup

Adjustment of Neck Curvature (Truss Rod), Strings Height (Setting ACTION), Pickups Height, and Adjust Intonation. Download Tools like a Precision Ruler, and Fingerboard Radius Curvature Gauges.

Electric Guitar Setup

How to Improve the COMFORT of Electric and Acoustic Guitar

DISCOVER How to Solve the Problems of an Uncomfortable Guitar, to Turn It into a Comfortable and Easy-to-Play Instrument. The Best Solutions for You to Enjoy Playing the Guitar.

Improve the COMFORT Guitar

Guitar Maintenance: Fret Crowning

How to Fret Crowning of the Electric Guitar: Sanding and Polishing the Frets. With use, guitar strings wear down the top of the frets, losing their original rounded shape, creating uncomfortable edges on either side of the fret. Solve it easily.

Guitar Maintenance Fret Crowning

How to Clean a Guitar and Hydrate Fingerboard

DISCOVER how to Keep your Guitar looking and functionally perfect. Information on Moisturizing and Cleaning the Guitar, and Cleaning the Metal Strings.

Clean a Guitar

Elements of the Electric Guitar

Find out about the Characteristics of All the Elements and Components of the Electric Guitar: Woods, Frets, Bridges, Pickups, Nuts, B-Bender, Pegs, Fingerboard Radius, Neck Profile, and Scale Length.