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Electric Guitar Manual

Parts of the Electric Guitar: Information

Parts of the Electric Guitar (Guide): Pickups, Strings, Bridges, Wood, Nuts, Frets, Fingerboard, Neck, Pegs… Become an expert in guitar components, on a single page.

Parts of the Electric Guitar

What Factors Affect an Electric Guitar Tone

Elements of the Guitar Equipment that most Influence the Final Sound of the Instrument.

Guitar Pickups: Different Types

Guide to Different Types of Pickups for different Guitar Models: Les Paul, Strat, Superstart, Telecaster and Active Pickups.

Fixed Bridge

Types and Characteristics of the Different Models of Fixed Bridges for Electric Guitar: Tone-o-matic (Tom), Vintage and Modern.

Floating Bridge

Types and Characteristics of the Different Floating and Semi-floating Bridges: Tremolos or Vibratos, Floyd Rose, Bigsby, Kahler.

Floyd Rose Bridge: Different Models

GET TO KNOW one of the Most Recognized, Reliable and Efficient Tremolo Bridges, and its Different Types such as the Original Floyd Rose, 1000 Series, Special, Pro, FRX, Rail Tail…

Electric Guitar Potentiometers (Pots)

Types of POTENTIOMETERS for Guitar: Audio vs Linear, 250K vs 500K. For Single Coil Pickups, and for Humbucker Pickups.

B-Bender System

Operation of Different Types of Mechanisms or B-Bender Systems: Glaser Bender, Hipshot Bender, Bowden B-Bender and Rolling Bender.

Frets: Different Sizes

Characteristics of the Different Types of Frets for Electric Guitar: JUMBO, MEDIUM, and SCALED Fingerboards.

Woods for Electric Guitar and Neck Joint Types Explained

Characteristics of the Best Woods, and Neck-Body Joints most used in the manufacture of Electric Guitars.

Guitar Finishes Different Types

KNOW the Characteristics of the Most Used Guitar Finishes such as Oil and Wax, Shellac, Nitrocellulose, and Polyurethane (Nitro vs Poly).

Guitar Neck Profiles Explained

Properties and characteristics of the different types of guitar neck profiles: U, C, D and V.

Guitar Scale Length Explained

Different Scale Lengths and their Influence on the Touch, Comfort, and Tone of a Guitar.

Electric Guitar Tuning Pegs

Different Types of Tuning Pegs for Guitar: Locking, Non-Locking and Automatic Tuning Machine.

Electric Guitar Nut Types Explained

Characteristics of the Different Nuts for Guitar: Bone, Bronze, LSR roller nut, Graphite and Graphtech.

Fingerboard Radius Explained

DISCOVER the Characteristics of the Different Radius of Curvature of the Fingerboard of Electric Guitars: Advantages and Disadvantages.

How Learn to PLAY Guitar

Large images of the position of the Chords, Tuner and Metronome ONLINE, Construction of Major Chords, minor, seventh, minor seventh, suspended fourth, ninth etc… Alternative Tunings and information on the execution of Bendings and Harmonics.