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Relative Scales of Eb Major

Relative Scales of Eb Major: SCALE of E Flat major, C minor, and B Flat Mixolydian. THE BEST CHARTS ✅ for Guitar.

Relative scales are those that are made up of the same notes, and therefore have the same structure and arrangement on the fretboard. But obviously these are different scales with different tonalities. This is very useful to know to get the most out of learning guitar scales.

Note: Scales are organized by their structural relationship, not their tonal relationship.

The green circles mark the Tonic, the blue ones the Dominant or 5th, and the yellow ones the Mediant or 3rd. You can see how the notes colored in green, blue and yellow form Eb Major chords.

Eb Major Scale Guitar

Relative Scales: E Flat (Eb)

Relative Scales of Eb Major: C Minor

Scale with the same notes as the Eb Major scale and same structure, but the function of each note has changed. In this way the note of C becomes the tonic, G is the 5th, and Eb becomes the 3rd. You can see how the notes colored in green, blue and yellow form C minor chords.

C minor Scale Guitar - Cm

Music Modes

With this same positional structure in the fingerboard, we can build other Modes, depending on the Tonality of the scale. For example, we can create with the previous structure, the Mixolydian Mode in the key of Bb. Below we see the scale of Bb in Mixolydian, since Bb is the 5th note of the Eb major scale, and as we know, from that musical degree the Mixolydian mode would be formed. Music Modes.

Relative Scales of Eb Major: Bb Mixolydian

B Flat Mixolydian Scale Guitar

Other Relative Scales

Relative Scales Ordered by their Structural Relationship, since each Major Scale, Minor Scale, and Mixolydian Mode are made up of the SAME NOTES. Although these scales have the same structure, their Tonalities are Different, being constituted as follows:

Guitar Scales all Chart