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Pickups For a Semi-Acoustic Guitar (Guide)

The classic pickups for a semi-acoustic guitar would be the traditional double-coil models, or PAF humbuckers for the more experienced. These types of pickups mount alnico magnets, and have a low output, or at most a medium output.

Precisely the first mass-produced semi-solid body guitar, mounted this type of pickups. Obviously I mean the Gibson ES-335.

Gibson Pickups for Semi-Acoustic Guitar

For example, the classic Gibson ’57 Classic double-coil pickups would be a very valid model for this type of guitar. Since they have a low output, and mount alnico II magnets. A very classic type of magnet, for a double coil pickup.

Although nowadays the ’57 Classic model is not easy to find, not even mounted on the Gibson ES-335 guitars themselves. Since the pickups that are usually found today in these models are usually the Calibrated T-Type Humbucker, the MHS Memphis Historic Spec, or the Gibson Custombucker with Alnico III magnets.

However, these data are merely informative. Since these are pickups designed for certain guitar models in question, and are not sold individually.

The pickup models that Gibson sells individually are usually BurstBucker in three different types, depending on their output level. According to the manufacturer, these pickups would be the result of continued development of the ’57 Classic Humbucker.

The most appropriate pickup models for a semi-acoustic guitar would be the Busbucker 1 for neck with a low output, and the Busbucker 2 with a medium output for bridge position. Both models mounted with alnico II magnets, with a price around 120 dolars per unit.

Gibson Pickups for Semi-Acoustic Guitar

Other Brands of Pickups For a Semi-Acoustic Guitar

Seymour Duncan

An interesting option may be the Seymour Duncan Seth Lover Set, with similar features such as a medium output, and alnico II magnets. Mounted on high-end guitars like the Heritage Standard H-535.

seymour duncan seth lover pickups

I know that this is a rather expensive set ($260), but it is not an inaccessible set of pickups. Anyway, later some options appear at much more accessible prices.


If we want to enjoy a legendary brand of guitar pickups, at a somewhat more moderate price, we can use a DiMarzio DP212 ($90) for bridge position, and a DiMarzio DP211 for neck position.

Dimarzio Pickups For a Semi-Acoustic Guitar

These models have alnico V magnets, but have a fairly low output for dual-coil pickups. In addition, the price of this pair is normally below $200.


The American brand Guild, founded in 1952, is quite an institution as a manufacturer of semi-acoustic guitars.

Something particular about this brand is that it develops its own characteristic pickup models. Adding its own touch of class, given the low output of these pickups compared to a traditional PAF humbucker.

The Guild HB-2 model mounted with alnico II magnets is one of the most used in their semi-solid guitars, although they are a bit complicated to acquire.

Guild Pickup HB-2


If the manufacturer Guild is a classic in the manufacture of semi-acoustic guitars, the Gretsch brand is even more so. At first Gretsch guitars mounted single coil pickups developed by Harry DeArmond known as Dynasonic. These pickups provide low output, and a bright sound.

The Gretsch Dynasonic have an affordable price of around $100, but it turns out that the Guild brand also develops the DeArmond Dynasonic at a price of around $70.

Gretsch DynaSonic

In 1957, the characteristic and unique FilterTron pickups developed by Ray Butts at the request of Chet Atkins would begin to be installed in Gretsch guitars. Providing low output, an aggressive twang and attack, and good sustain.

Gretsch Pickups

The classic Gretsch FilterTron can be obtained at a price of around $60. A more than interesting price, but the installation of this type of pickups normally requires an adequacy study.

Roswell Pickups For a Semi-Acoustic Guitar

If you need all the styles of pickups shown above at a more moderate price of about 30 dolars per unit, you can consult the wide assortment of Roswell brand pickups.

Roswell Pickups For a Semi-Acoustic Guitar

Roswell Humbucker and FilterTron

You can find classic low-output Humbucker models like the Roswell LAF alnico V, or the Roswell LVS mounted with alnico II magnets.

FilterTron models in the FLT series with alnico II magnets, and with the possibility of having two different types of fastenings (FLT – FLT2).

Roswell H Style y Gold Foil

Pickups with H style cover, very suitable for hollow-body guitars, in the FG20 model with a very low output, and the LPH with a somewhat more pronounced output. Both models mounted with alnico V magnets.

Gold Foil pickups are also a very appropriate model for semi-acoustic guitars. The problem is that these types of pickups usually have a very high price. But it turns out that the Roswell brand recreates this type of pickup at prices between $40 and $50, despite having its corresponding gold-plated foil, like the Roswell LGA-NFL-CR Humbucker.

With this pickup, we can add the incomparable vintage “Hertiecasters” sound of the 50’s and 60’s, to any guitar with humbucker size pickups. Mounted with Alnico V magnets, and how could it be otherwise, with a “vintage” output, very appropriate for cleaning the sound of genres such as Jazz, Swing, and Rockabilly. But if we add distortion to its sound, other styles such as Classic Rock can develop.

We can also find them in a classic format (Roswell GF3H-N-CR) with an even lower output and therefore with an even more traditional character, and also in mini humbucker versions.

Roswell P90 Pickups

They also have different models of P90-style pickups, such as the Roswell P90D dog ear, mounted with alnico V magnets. The P90S also have alnico V magnets but soap bar style.

And also to replace humbucker pickups like the LP90, or the Gibson P94-style LGA90. Both models also mounted with alnico V magnets.

The finishes of these pickups are impeccable, but thanks to their Korean manufacturing, and the company’s manufacturing systems and techniques, they allow it to obtain benefits at very low prices.

As has been commented, the P90 pickups are another type of classic pickups in a semi-acoustic guitar, but as there is already a dedicated page that explains the characteristics, the different types, and shows some of the best models of this type of pickup. P90 pickups

Pickups for Different Guitar Models