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Relative Scales

Relative Scales for Guitar

Relative Scales for Guitar

Relative Scales Ordered by their Structural Relationship, each Major Scale, Minor Scale, and Mixolydian Mode being composed of the SAME NOTES, but with Different Keys, being constituted as follows:


The green circles mark the Tonic, the blue ones the Dominant or 5th, and the yellow ones the Median or 3rd. You can see how the notes colored in green, blue and yellow form C Major chords.

RELATIVE keys (minor/major)

In the link above you can address the topic of Relative Keys or Relative Minor, how to locate or calculate the Relative Minor of a Key or Scale, and how to get the most out of these concepts.

Each major key has a minor key composed of the same notes as its relative major, known as the relative minor key.

For example, the key of C Major consists of the same notes as the key of A minor. Relative Keys.

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